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Contactless Self ordering and Checkout at restaurants

With miself

  • you can order food at restaurants without waiting for waiters.
  • No physical contact on the restaurant menu.
  • No more touching of payment terminals,
  • No cash handling. No dependencies.
  • Just scan the QR code at the Table / Restaurant to self order and checkout when you are done.

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How miself can help Restaurants win the confidence of their customers to dine again?

First thing first. Miself is free for Restaurants and Diners.

Miself is a QR code based Contactless Ordering & Dining system.
It works in all web browser and it also has an app. so the diners can use it easily.

No more waiting for waiters or Standing in line for ordering and It’s absolutely FREE for
both Restaurants and Diners

Miself works well for both Dining and Takeaway options

Here's how it works

Scan the
QR code
at the
Restaurant Table
See the menu,
order and
Pay now or
after the meal
Order is
sent to
kitchen for
serves you
the food

Our Story

Miself was initially built to help restaurants reduce cost. We believe there are only 3 ways for restaurants to increase their bottom line profits.  If they bring efficiency in those 3 things, it will be a good profitable business

Reduce Rental Cost
Of Restaurant
Managing Inventory
and Stock Properly
Labour Cost

We believe the latter 2 can be optimised using technology and In Fact, with we have built India's best Restaurant management system and have robust inventory and stock management which is powering some of the best Restaurants in India.

We thought about labour cost and felt self ordering in a restaurant by a diner will be a great solution. No more waiting for waiters. Instead of having 3 waiters if 2 can work then we have added profits to the restaurant operations too.

We wanted to build this in the end of 2019 and started working on it early January 2020, we bought the domain miself (self ordering in restaurants) in february. By March end Covid 19 happened in India.

Covid 19 affected the entire Restaurant and Hospitality Industry. We wanted to help restaurants and we immediately pivoted miself to Contactless dining and ordering in Restaurants.

Miself for Restaurant Admins

Restaurants can create and add unique QR codes for their Restaurants and also have unique QR code for specific tables. Miself is secure and scalable. Make your customers feel comfortable to order from you and at the same time reduce your overall operation cost and increase your profits.
Restaurants need to win customer confidence and adapt to the new way of social distancing and start contact less self ordering in their Restaurants. Make your customers feel safe and easy to order food from you. MiSelf allows the customer to self order only when he/she is in the Restaurant. MiSelf is here to help you grow.

Benefits for Restaurants

Low Monthly Fees

Miself is Free for your diners and Restaurants pay a low monthly fees.

Direct Payment to Your Account

Get payments straight to your Bank Account

No Physical Contact

No more touching of menu cards or payment terminal or cash handling

Menu On/Off

Based on the menu availability,
you can on / off menu items

Order Notification

Know whenever you receive an order for dine in or takeout.
Sound and visual notification. You can't miss an order

Easy Marketing

Send Order notification and Push promotions to customers directly via the app

Direct Feedback

Get feedback from customers directly

Give Loyalty Plans

Reward your customers to order with you and make them come back again and again

Upsell and Recommend items

Miself will suggest and recommend items to customers while ordering. This will increase your order ticket by 7 to 12%

Deep Integration

Miself can work as a stand alone app. It can also be integrated within your existing app and with your Restaurant POS too

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